10 Good Habits to Improve Your Mental Health

The measure of mental health is the disposition to find good everywhere.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

1. Drink some water every hour

Your physical health and well being impacts your mental health a lot. Knowing this, be sure to take care of yourself and drink enough fluids every day to keep up your energy levels during the day. A habit of grabbing a glass of water can serve as a great short break as well to gather yourself and continue on with your day.

2. Practice mindfulness

Another good habit to improve your mental health is practicing mindfulness. You can do that by sitting in silence for a few minutes or as long as half an hour, depending on your preference. This particular habit goes hand in hand with meditation, as well as doing things slowly and with intention. You can practice mindfulness while doing the dishes or brushing your teeth or as mentioned before, dedicate a chunk of time for sitting in silence. It is entirely up to you how you choose to incorporate this habit into your days.

3. Listen to upbeat music

A third way to improve your quality of life and mental health is to listen to songs that help you feel energized and happy. Choose the songs carefully, see how your body responds to them and make a playlist for a rainy day when you feel slightly off. With this tool at your disposal, you’ll have nothing to fear. Music can be a quick method to help you feel better and keep your mental health in check.

4. Plan ahead

In order to help yourself feel calm and collected oftentimes what helps is planning ahead. You can start this habit by simply making a list of things you need to do in your notebook and prioritizing accordingly for the next day in store, or if you fancy it, the whole week ahead. Knowing what you need to do ahead of time can help your mental health tremendously as it reduces anxiety and unnecessary fear of the future.

5. Journal

Another great way to clear your head is to write your thoughts down. It can tremendously help your mental health as you quickly jot down what is going through your mind, or take the time to do an in depth journaling session. Either way, this habit will be helpful to you and your mental health.

6. Celebrate your small wins

One more habit to improve your mental well-being is to celebrate all your wins, including the small ones. Only look back at your week or the day before to pick out things you are grateful for of achieving and don’t judge yourself for things that you were not able to do yet. Instead, use the previous tip of planning ahead, adjust your plan, and move forward with confidence knowing you were able to achieve these small but important things.

7. Read

In order to prime your mind and keep your mental space clear, you can include a habit of reading a little every day. Make sure to choose the content you read wisely and not fill it with upsetting news all the time. Knowing what’s going on in the world is all good, but be sure to also read something uplifting and stimulating, like a lovely novel or a non-fiction book that’s full of knowledge in the topic you’re curious about.

8. Exercise

Going back to the fact that a healthy body leads to a healthy and happy mind, let’s talk about exercise a bit. It can be as simple as a walk or as rigorous as a full-on workout. A habit of exercise can improve your mental health if you stick with it regularly, so pair it up with the habit of planning ahead and see how that works out for you.

9. Limit screen time

Another thing to keep in mind is to limit your screen time. The habit of staying on your phone or laptop all the time can harm your mental health tremendously, so be careful about your usage of electronic devices. If it helps you, set a timer for how long you can use your devices per work or study session, and try to go analog for the rest of the tasks you need to do. See how limiting your screen time can improve how you feel mentally.

10. Tidy up your space

Lastly, your environment can affect your mental health as well. In order to feel good, the best thing is to clean up and organize your surroundings in such a way that they help you feel calm, collected and prepared for a work day ahead. A simple habit of cleaning ten minutes every day before work or before going to bed can calm you down and improve your mental well-being if you keep it up long enough.


There are many habits that can help you work with your mental health and improve your well-being. See which ones resonate with you and pick one or two to start with. Later on, add more of these habits to maximize your mental health, and work from there. When you start to struggle again, get back to the basics and check back on this list to see where you’ve lost focus. Stay healthy and happy!

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