5 Habits to Develop for a Better Life

1. Journaling

I’ll always be an advocate for this particular practice, as it has helped me tremendously in life so far and I am sure will continue helping me moving forward as well. Journaling is a great habit whether you are a writer or not. It can help you gather your thoughts on paper (or screen, if you prefer a digital version), as well as reflect on your progress if you jot that down as well. How you journal is entirely up to you, but if you try it and feel the benefits of it, it will stick with you for life like it did for me.

2. Planning Ahead

Another one of great habits to help improve your life is planning the night before or first thing in the morning. You can plan anything and everything, knowing every detail is not the most important thing though. Thinking ahead is what matters, you can gain clarity for the steps ahead and see what needs to be done and accomplished in the next day, week, month or even year.

3. Cleaning

Keeping a tidy environment around yourself can be another one of beneficial habits for developing a better life for yourself. In a clean space clear mind awakens and helps you accomplish the things you choose to do. Cleaning up and organizing your space can also be therapeutic and relaxing, as you sort through the papers and unnecessary things and set up yourself for success.

4. Taking a Walk

Going for a full-on workout every few days is hard for anyone. But a simple habit as a walk can do wonders for your physical and mental health. Even if you don’t have a pet that begs you to go for a walk every day, try and go outside anyway, and see the benefits of fresh air and a little movement every day for yourself.

5. Reading

A lot of people dread reading remembering school and homework as they try to force their way through the first pages of a book. But perhaps you just haven’t found the right read for yourself. There is a vast variety of books out there, different genres to explore and even several different formats as well, from physical books, ebooks and even audiobooks. There are great benefits to reading, especially before bed, when you switch out your device time with a good book, so trying out to build this as one of your new habits is a must.


No matter what habit you will pick to try and make your life better, take it easy and try out different ways to implement it into your days without dropping it after a few times. Not everything is suitable for everyone but these few habits can be a great asset to you, if you end up choosing at least one and implementing into your life making it even a bit better. Have fun with these habits and don’t be hard on yourself while trying to implement them into your life.

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